Wilma Alleman

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My name is Wilma, and I help women like you. Smart, well-educated, powerful women with quite decent jobs and a fair amount of experience in personal and/or spiritual development. Who know everything about the Law of Attraction, especially that it doesn't work for them. Determined individuals who want to excel at their work - perhaps a tad perfectionist. Who, in addition to their work and family, want to get much more out of life but don't know how. Or want to attract the right partner.

Women who are capable of much more and deep down feel that they have much more to offer the world. Women filled with good ideas and plans but are too insecure to truly pursue them. And as a result, they hide their wishes and desires, even from themselves. Women who often feel guilty because they're not a better mother than their own. Those who frequently compare themselves to others and usually come off worse. Women who want to march fearlessly and confidently toward their goals but are certain that it won't work out for them this time either...

See yourself in the future: confident, no more overthinking, time for yourself, resolved obstacles and negative beliefs from the past, you're glowing again, and you're happy with yourself.

But then you have to get to work. Do a big cleanup. And no, not in your house but within yourself.

It doesn't have to take a long time at all. No years of talk therapy. In efficient, short-term programs, we can make significant progress.

We will search for the source of your pattern. How and when did that sometimes paralyzing insecurity arise? Where does that doubt about whether you're good enough come from, that fear of failure or fear of shining? Or that nagging guilt about whether you're a good mother, which may lead you to shoulder the burden of your children's fate? It's giving you a headache.

So why continue down this path? You know it's a dead end, right? Come on, let's create new paths with clear signposts so you don't have to go back to what has been. You've landed on this page for a reason. The next step is a very small one, but at the same time, a very big one for your future.

I ask you questions that immediately get to the core of your problem and activate your resources. That's what we'll work on. It's like cleaning your mental rooms. Some beliefs are fine, and you just polish them. Others have long been unnecessary and can go in the trash. We'll pull them out by the roots (from within you, not from the trash).

With the help of the most creative part of your brain, we will then search for solutions. And we will find them. Count on it. You won't be a different person afterwards, but you will think and feel differently. Very differently. So, what are you waiting for?


Finally free from the burden you have been carrying for years.
Finally saying yes wholeheartedly to who you are and what you can do.
Finally having enough self-respect to stop what doesn't work.
Finally stopping with pleasing others. Unconcernedly saying no
Finally waking up happy and looking forward to the day.
Finally allowing yourself that education. One step closer to your goal.
Finally having a good relationship with your mother, even if she is no longer alive.
Finally moving towards your goal with self-confidence and a swaying hip, and being enthusiastically received

Do not be held back by your thoughts, click on the 15 minute brainstorm session with Wilma button. It takes you a few minutes and it changes the rest of your life.

I work one-on-one with the following problem-solving approaches. All the time and attention for you!

With Hypnotherapy, we remove the root cause of your problem and use the power of your brilliant subconscious to make better choices, cut through knots, and follow through so that you get to where you want to be.

With Happy Attachment, I help you to repair the disturbed attachment - the natural and supportive bond between you and your mother or between you and your child. Pain and sorrow are transformed into new and loving energy that creates a new and positive bond.

With a Family Constellation, you address (dysfunctional) family patterns that have been passed down from generation to generation and have been affecting you for years. Clearing them is healing for three generations at once! You help yourself, the generations before you, and those after you. How wonderful if your children don't have to inherit your trauma and can already make their own choices freely now?

Are you a self-employed coach or trainer and are hindered by old beliefs that prevent you from fully committing, showing yourself, and asking what you are worth? With Constellations for entrepreneurs and hypnocoaching, we put an end to these and replace them with healthy self-confidence and self-worth.


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